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about encompasses a few online services I host for myself and other people. If I know you (as in, we're at least like mutuals on tumblr or fedi) feel free to request accounts.

rules and tos

privacy policy


Feel free to hit me up anytime for support or to request an account.

support me

If you want to throw money at me, I have a Kofi. You can also buy something from me on bandcamp.

warrant canary

I have not been served a warrant, court-issued subpoena, or otherwise legally compelled to provide any data, undermine any encryption, redirect requests under the supervision of any authority, or otherwise modify any of the hosted services on the or domains or subdomains. This canary will continue to be available at as long as it is valid. For more information about warrant canaries, you can read more from the EFF here.

This warrant canary is valid as of 27-08-2023, 10:10:30 PM